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it's not just a photo shoot.  it's an awakening.

You are beautiful. Magical. Deserving of an experience that will stir your soul and make you feel truly alive. An experience that will awaken your true self love and confidence.

Studio M Boudoir Photography is Milwaukee's original specialty boudoir studio. With nearly 15 years of experience photographing all shapes, sizes and agesI will make you feel absolutely beautiful.  All you have to do is show up!!  Sessions include wardrobe styling, hair and makeup, expert posing and coaching on facial expressions, resulting in a beautiful collection of images you will absolutely love.

Have lots of questions?  Lets chat!

Having lots of questions (and excitement and a little bit of nerves) is totally normal.  Click below to set up a phone consultation with me! I'll answer any questions you have and will walk you through how a boudoir shoot works - what to expect, how to prepare and options for displaying your beautiful artwork-so you can be reminded every day of how amazing you are.


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My name is Melissa and I created Studio M Boudoir Photography almost fifteen years ago to empower beauties of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies.  Read about that here in 

I make a point to be photographed myself at least once a year, so I remember all the amazing emotions and vulnerabilities that come with having a boudoir shoot.  My amazing boyfriend David has a background in photography as well and is always game to help out with this. He also plays the roles of cheerleader and handyman (meow).

We parent two amazing teenagers and a feisty rescue dog named Dash. 



"I opened my gallery for the first time and I CRIED! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I genuinely couldn't have asked for a better outcome! I have never seen myself in the way that I see myself in those pictures and I am truly, truly overwhelmed.  you and your team are AMAZING!" 


"I just wanted to thank you again for being a breath of fresh air! I was so nervous going in to meet you but you put me at ease right away. Thank you for breaking down those walls and getting me to feel really comfortable. I can definitely cross this adventure off my bucket list now!" 


"My husband loves his gift. When I told him that you made me feel beautiful, his response was "now you see what I see every day". I don't know what I ever did to deserve him."


 "Oh my goodness, Melissa! They are stunning! I've never felt so beautiful! I can not thank you enough! Thank you for such an amazing experience!" 

Let's start planning your perfect session.

Get in touch with me so we can start planning your session. 

You can either call/text me at 414.467.8338, email me directly at, or use the button below to drop me a quick line.

I'll reply ASAP and we can start planning <3